March Networks Command Professional CCTV

A single-server VMS solution for your small to mid-sized business

    Customizable, task-oriented GUI
    Up to 128 video channels
    Browser-based user interface (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
    Remote access to live video with March Networks Cloud

Looking for a single-server video management solution that supports as many as 128 surveillance cameras? March Networks Command Professional is the perfect fit.

This VMS software seamlessly supports a broad range of fixed and PTZ analog cameras, ONVIF-compliant edge devices, IP cameras and encoders, including our own portfolio of high definition IP cameras and Edge encoders. It also enables remote access to live video using your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile devices with March Networks Cloud.
A User Interface Built for You

A User Interface Built for You

And thanks to Command Professional’s browser-based user interface – which can be customized quickly for specific user groups in your organization – live monitoring and investigations have never been easier or more accurate.

Plus, you can configure and manage your entire video surveillance network right from the Command Professional interface. It’s all the software you’ll need!



Video Recording and Archive

    Unlimited video retention
    Video retention definition by sector, schedule, single/multiple video channels
    Motion detection and analytic/physical alarms support for selective recording
    Support for H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG compression
    Support for distributed recording (Shadow Archiving) on March Networks' edge devices and video synchronization

Live Monitoring and Investigation

    PTZ camera control
    Interactive views with PTZ control and mapping
    Simultaneous, synchronized playback from multiple video channels
    Search on motion, analytic/physical alarms, text insertion
    Live view, archive search, instant replay, export and snapshot functionalities
    Interactive mapping and layered mapping support
    Video wall support and management with powerful virtual matrix features

Alarm Management

    Configurable events response
    Automated email notification
    Structured acknowledgement procedure
    Alarm response screen recording

Feature Comparison

Video Demos

Command Client Overview

Command Investigation Tools

Command Alarms and Searching





Supported IP Cameras

Command video management software is ONVIF-compliant and also integrates with leading third-party surveillance cameras and devices over their proprietary APIs.

Download our Command Supported IP Cameras document for a complete list.

x: supported over "device API"
g: supported over generic (RTSP)
J: JPEG supported
M: MPEG-4 supported
V: VMD supported
VA: video analytics supported
A1: audio supported (one way)
A2: audio supported (two way)
IO: alarm input (I), output (O) supported
H: H.264 supported
P: PTZ supported
E: edge recording supported

Part Numbers

Command Enterprise

Command Enterprise Base License

Command Enterprise CRS Channel License

Command Enterprise Redundant / Failover CRS Channel License

Command Enterprise Recorder Connection License

Command Enterprise High Availability Server License

Software Maintenance

Advanced Software Support – 1 Year

Premium Software Support – 1 Year

Advanced Software Support – 2 Years

Premium Software Support – 2 Years

Advanced Software Support – 3 Years

Premium Software Support – 3 Years

Command Application Bundles

Small Site - up to 10 Recorders

Medium Site - up to 100 Recorders

March Networks Cloud

Single User Access for One Year

Upgrading to Command Enterprise

VMS 2.x.x Upgrade to Command Enterprise
(for customers with no software maintenance agreement in place) 27214

Command Professional to Command Enterprise

Command Professional to Command Enterprise
(redundant channel license)


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