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GSM camera  The GSM Camera is a professional wireless security system GSM camera The GSM Camera is a professional wireless security system

The GSM Camera is a professional wireless security system

allowing fast and simple installation. In one product you will get everything you need for securing or monitoring an area.

The camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is ideal for monitoring houses and gardens, company premises and warehouses, children and sick persons, vehicles and valuables.

Τhe EYE-02 is a stand-alone security camera designed for do-it-yourself easy installation and operation, which can record videos, and transfer individual video frames on demand via the GSM network and much more.


Easy installation

The EYE-02 camera is easy to install. The preset modes (Home, Outdoor, Garage, Surveillance and Shop) and the setting-up software allow quick setting of the camera’s properties. Easy setting for everyone !

All in one solution

The EYE-02 GSM security and monitoring camera has 5 built-in detectors and a GSM communicator. Any alarm information is transmitted in the form of MMS, SMS, calls, e-mails or to an Alarm Receiving Centre. It's good to know what's going on !

Optional extensions

The camera can be extended using JABLOTRON 80 wireless alarm system detectors. Benefit from Jablotron’s unique wireless technology !

Accessible from anywhere

Thanks to the free self-service internet access you will be able to reach your JABLOTRON 100 alarm anywhere from your computer or smartphone. Control the alarm and view the events without any limitations.

The EYE-02 GSM Security Camera

MMS, SMS, and voice calls are supported together with the online transfer of individual video frames to your cell phone.

A wide range of detectors can be enrolled to the camera to trigger video/audio recording. A built-in infra-red motion sensor (PIR) is included, with in-picture motion detection, a glass-break detector, a built-in microphone for audio monitoring, and the ability of infra-red night viewing.

Also featured is activation by movement, sound, external alerts, etc. As standard the user gets a USB connection to his PC and the camera is compatible with the Oasis professional electronic security system.

Web, FTP, and e-mail services allow you to check your home from any internet PC, with the possibility of communication to central monitoring systems.




Camera dimensions/weight:     155 x 75 x 55 mm 300g
Package dimensions:     300 x 215 x 75 mm, 950g
Extended memory capacity:     SD micro card slot, maximum capacity 32 GB, standard package includes 2(1) GB SD memory card
Image resolution:     VGA (640x80),QVGA (320x240),QQVGA (160x120)
Picture format:     JPEG, EXIF 2.2
Video format:     MJPEG
Lens     focal length: 2.9 mm, viewing angle 95 degrees
Infra reflector:     6 x Infra LED, 6 x 100 mW, wavelength 850nM, emitting angle 80 degrees
PIR motion detector:     Detection range 10m/140 degrees
MMS support:     MMS version 1.2 over WAP 2.0
Events history:     min 100 records in an internal memory + extension to SD card
Operating temperature:     -20C to +55C - 25 to 75% humidity
AC power adapter:     100-240 VAC,50 to 60 Hz, 6V / 1.67 (2)A DC [may vary with production series]
Input voltage (range):     5.0 to 6.7V / 1 A DC
Back-up battery:     Li-ion battery, 1300 mAh (Nokia NLC-2 battery may be used)
Network connectivity:     GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GSM antenna:     External GSM antenna, SMA connector
Data connectivity:     EDGE class 10:max 180 kbps DL/120 kbps UL, GPRS class 10: max 85.6 kbps, CS1-4.
Audio parameters:     AGC and noise reduction system,HR,FR,EFR and AMR audio codecs
Audio monitoring:     Built-in high sensitivity omni-directional microphone with DSP processing
PC connectivity:     USB 2.0 port
Internal alarm detectors:     In-picture motion detector,PIR motion detector,glass-break detector,acoustic detector, tilt and vibration detector
Short range radio:     868 MHz, operated according to ERC REC 70-03
Remote control type:     RC-86
Battery type:     L1016 (6.0VC), typical lifetime 3 years
Standards compliance:     ETSI EN 300220,EN 55022, EN 50134-2, EN 50130-4, EN 60950-1


Eye-02 - User Guide[ pdf 4.99 MB ]
EYE-02 - Application notes on outdoor installation[ pdf 4.13 MB ]
Declaration of Conformity - EYE-02[ pdf 309.09 kB ]
EYE-02 leaflet - English[ pdf ]
Eye-02 - Quick Guide[ pdf ]


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